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What happens when we stay focused

March 14, 2016     /

FOCUSEDYou know how easy it is to get distracted. Don’t you dare open another browser tag, or download another app. Give me your undivided attention, so you can learn to give yourself the same, by staying focused.

Between social media, selfies, binge TV and everyone who needs us, distractions can rule our lives if we allow them to. To be successful — and to be a woman we can all rave about during Women’s History Month! — you need to put those distractions in check and stay focused.

Hello! Your future is over here, not at the MAC counter. Stay focused.

When we learn how to create tunnel vision for our goals, these things happen:

You increase productivity. In order to get stuff done, you have to stay focused. How many times have you spent an hour doing nothing? And I don’t mean resting or meditating, these things are important. What isn’t important is browsing your Facebook timeline, unless you’re gaining sales leads from it. Make a to-do list, grab some focus and be productive today. In most of the country, the day is halfway over.

You get a better night’s rest. Obviously, staying focused during the day will make it easier for you to get some sleep at night. For once, you’ve worked all day, productively, so you’ll most likely get tired. Secondly, you’ll get some sleep, because you won’t have to burn the midnight oil to play catch up. (Should you decide to join #teamnosleep, make sure you’re getting some rest during the day!)

You miss the drama. How could you make time for the “he-say-she-say”, if you’re focused on what your to-do says? Stay out of the business of others and create some of your own by staying focused on what needs to get done.

When women stay focused, we get closer to our goals and are more likely to find the success ladder quicker to climb. The best way to stay focused? check off the harder tasks on your to-do list first. Try to accomplish these tasks first thing in the morning. Then make your way to the easier tasks.Finally, return calls, check email and yes, go back to your social media platform of choice.

How do you stay focused? Let us know in the comments, then get back to work!

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