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What happens when women get serious about vision boards

March 3, 2016     /

vision boards“Write the vision and make it plain” (Habakkuk 2:2).

When I first started creating vision boards, I tried to post ALL of my hopes and dreams onto one board without a second thought. What happened next? Nothing. I guess God couldn’t hear me with all the noise. Since the board had no real structure — I wasn’t really serious about it back then — I couldn’t ask God for exactly what I wanted. And yes, He knows our hearts, but we still have to go to Him, and be clear about it.

Now that I’ve become more intentional with my vision boards (I create a new one each year), I see amazing things happening. Like chance meetings, repeat business and more of what I want.

Imagine if all women approached vision boards (and those parties) a bit more seriously. When women get serious about vision boards, these things happen:

They find clarity. However, clarity isn’t always achievable on our own, so enlist some help. A good friend, coach or mentor can work with you with this. Decide what it is exactly you want out of life and find someone who helps you select images. The fresh pair of eyes (that aren’t your own) will detect missing pieces or spot those “huh?” pieces in your board, so you’ll get closer to clarity. Find someone already successful with vision boarding.

They believe in themselves. Vision boards are a waste of time (and magazines) if you do not believe you can achieve anything. But, the boards reflect what you desire and if you look at them each day, you will develop the belief that you can do it! Keep praying, but not only should we believe in God, we should believe in ourselves.

They learn how to set and reach goals. Once you’ve pasted your final image (of a husband and wife–I already know, girls!) on your vision board, it’s super easy to spend the rest of the year just waiting for things to appear like magic. But you have to work the board! Use the waiting around time to set goals, so you can reach them. Your new board should be able to help you discover your first goal. For example, you cannot get married if you don’t meet anyone. Sign up for the next networking event or seminar near you.

When women get serious about vision boards, we are able to empower ourselves and be of better service to our communities! Before you grab the scissors, get serious about how you would like your next chapter of life to become your best chapter.

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