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What happens when we say something positive to ourselves 

March 7, 2016     / /

affirmationsDo you ever feel guilty when talking to yourself? Stop it! You are not crazy.

Affirmations, saying the same wonderful thing over and over again, allow ourselves to hear the words of encouragement we may never hear from others. If you have someone telling you how wonderful you are — that you can do it! — every day, consider yourself blessed!

Even if you do have the vote of confidence in the form of a spouse, parent or child (kids will have you thinking you’re superwoman) there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself. So tell encourage yourself for once, and keep telling yourself every day how wonderful you are, until you believe it. Because when you believe it, there’s no stopping you!

When women say something positive, here’s what happens:

You cancel out the negative. What we say to ourselves can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. I’ve read somewhere that ancient cultures practiced saying good things because negative talk may come to pass. What a concept! And if you think this is nothing more than hogwash, look at all the negative people in your life, from work to church. Do they call themselves stupid for missing a wrong turn (even with GPS) or complain about how they attract the wrong people? You can’t be negative and positive at the same time, so say something nice about your situation. For example: what a learning experience it is to meet all kinds of people!

You train your brain. If you can believe it, then your brain will believe it, too. It will go one step further by thinking of ways to make things happen. Think about it the next time you take a show or call it a night. The ideas will flow! Make sure to keep a notepad handy. When your brain falls for you positive talk, it prepares you to meet the right people, who will eventually believe in you as much as you do. Old friends will see “you’ve changed.” New friends will be excited to support you. So train the brain with self-affirmations.

You practice self-care. We have discussed the importance of self-care, so you already know that affirmations are
parts of it. Nothing like loving yourself, than telling yourself how much you love yourself. Everyday. (Once you love yourself, you can love others!)

When we can say something positive about ourselves, we become empowered. When we become empowered, we can tackle the world. The whole world…one affirmation at a time.

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