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Self-care ain’t selfish!

February 20, 2016    

self-careIf you’re a regular Facebook user, you’ve probably seen a movement of sorts to get women to practice self-care. But, what exactly does this mean? The medical community defines it as a was to initiate one’s daily living activities, such as showering, feeding oneself or administering prescription medications.

But more often than not, it is the non-medical community who suggests the practice of self-care, and for other reasons.

Daily living activities are important, so this post is not meant to distract from that, but as women we are already showering ourselves — and others! So it’s time to really understand self-care and learn how to apply it into our lives without feeling guilty about it. (Our loved ones will always need us; a few moments of self-care is not going to change this.)

Self-care from a non-medical standpoint simply means to make time for oneself. You’d be surprised how easy it is (or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised!) to forget about our own needs when we make ourselves too available for the neighbors, the schools, and some guy who might not even claim you! Make time for yourself, finally. And this may include a seven-day Mediterranean cruise or an hour at the nail salon.

We can practice self-care in simpler ways, too. I know, we are so busy taking care of other people, so lean how to incorporate self-care right away:

Talk to yourself. Yes, it is certainly okay to have a short conversation with yourself, and you can even answer yourself! Look in the mirror and make all the declarations you can muster before you start or continue your day. Remind yourself how awesome you are. This is especially a great idea for single women who may not have the support at home.

Write how you feel. Privately share your thoughts about the day, or about yourself. Seeing your thoughts on paper (do not post it on social media!) can help you see areas in your life in which you might need to improve. Write down how happy or unhappy you are in a relationship, or how satisfied or unsatisfied you are with your job. Self-care is all about making time for you and writing is an easy way to carve out said time.

Eat. Splurge a little and skip the leftovers. You have to eat, but don’t settle for whatever has been refrigerated, after hubby and the kids devoured most of last night’s meal. I’m typing this from Chili’s. Nope, it’s not five-star dining, but it how I self-care in between a busy day. The food is great, by the way — loaded potato soup and a Tex-Mex bowl!

We’ve made it! And we weren’t selfish about it, either. Already making time for self-care? Tell us how, in the comments.

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