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Success Facilitator Course

This EXCITING 8-week certification course is the only way to become a successful Certified Life Remodel Specialist™! Once you have applied, you can get started immediately! You will complete 8 short weeks of virtual training using the Life Remodel Specialist system that consists of MP3 audio files and printable PDF documents. You will also have the opportunity to start building your business step-by-step during this 8-week training course.
The certification process includes a combination of guided and self-study led assignments, and a final exam that consists of a written portion and a 3-5 minute video (you can use a cellular phone video camera). In addition to learning how to remodel lives you will receive a training dedicated to building and structuring your business effectively.
You will benefit immensely from ongoing online support from Javay Johnson and the Certified Life Remodel Specialist™ alumni network for the rest of your career. You’ll find that this ongoing support is highly valuable and rewarding as you continue your path of Life Remodeling as a Certified Life Remodel Specialist™.

The Certified Life Remodel Specialist™ Course will:

The Certified Life Remodel Specialist™ Limited License gives you:

You’ll receive thousands of dollars worth of training, mentoring, licensing, advertising and marketing material (with an opportunity for unlimited earning potential) for an unbelievable fraction of the cost with a time-limited discounted offer!
Regular price: $1997.00

 Discounted Price: $997.00

Register now!  Start your rewarding and fantastic future remodeling lives as Certified Life Remodel Specialist™ today!

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