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Life Remodel University

1. Do you feel fed-up, frustrated and furious with your personal or professional life?
2. Do you lack the control, consistency, and courage required to live a life of success?
3. Do you feel overwhelmed and intimidated with figuring out where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then CONGRATULATIONS! Your transformation begins now! I am Javay Johnson-Anderson, a Certified Life Remodel Specialist®, and founder of Life Remodel University, and the creator of the Life Momentum Movement. Through Life Remodel University, we help people just like you to regain confidence, clarity, and a commitment to living a fantastic life!
My personal transformation began when I checked in to a homeless shelter in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 18. I had hit rock bottom before I had the chance to live my life. I had nothing, (no possessions, no credit, no job, no car) but from that ‘nothing’ I was able to take charge of my life and eventually accomplish all goals that I set out to achieve! If I could have the victory of success, overcoming having nothing, then imagine what we can inspire and help YOU to do with your life!
This turning point in my life has inspired myself and other Certified Life Remodel Specialists®  to help others through sharing our stories and techniques we used to get unstuck from several ruts in life. The Life Remodel University was designed from the heart to give practical guidance, to generate real results, and to provide insight into the “GREATEST YOU“, you can become!
With this phenomenal and transformational 10-week personal coaching course, you will discover and apply successful people habits such as:

Taking charge of your life
Increasing your income
Overcoming obstacles
Releasing emotional baggage
Boosting self-confidence
Relieving stress
Uncovering unknown talents
Stopping procrastination
Removing barriers
Improving social skills
Defining your passions
Learning from failure
Preparing mentally for success
Handling rejection
Starting where you are

What is Life Remodeling?
Life Remodeling is like remodeling a home, one room at a time. It takes effort, but the results of successful completion, and admiring the fruits of labor, is always worth it. Life remodeling entails a healthy partnership between a Certified Life Remodel Specialist® and client. Together, problem areas in life are identified, along with encouragement and exploration as to how the client can quickly make positive changes. Positive reinforcement, moral support, and feedback are used to help the client to stay focused on achieving goals. The client commits to completing coursework from the Success Is Spelled with Two C’s book by Javay Johnson-Anderson, on a weekly basis. Weekly conference calls are held to brainstorm, discuss, and to track the progress of growth and success.
The methodology of Life Remodeling Coaching is a combination democratic, autocratic; solution-focused and vision harnessing coaching. As a team, the Certified Life Remodel Specialist® and the client will work through a maximum of three top problem areas in life and set the right goals to execute accordingly. The Certified Life Remodel Specialist® will hold you accountable for the life work and the coursework that is required to enact positive change.
YOU are your GREATEST investment! Bring forth your courage right now, take the first step and enroll in this interactive, engaging and life-changing, 10-week personal coaching course specifically developed to inspire and instill lasting success principles. Our mission is to assist you in achieving your goals and realizing your dreams! Tomorrow, next week, or next month is not the time to get your life together.


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