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How to get over yourself!

March 1, 2016     / /

selfie, instagram, get over yourselfWhile it is okay — and highly encouraged by many a guru — to love yourself, too much of almost anything is not always a good thing. The truth is, sometimes, we need to get over ourselves. The world revolves around the sun, honey and if this is not the first time anyone has told you to get over yourself, you need to do just that!

It’s not just you, though. According to Adweek, one million selfies are taken each day! And this isn’t a women-only thing; half of the selfie culprits are male. Both genders equally share the quest for likes, comments and shares. While taking pictures may seem harmless, add bragging on top of it. We might be doing too much. Psychological Science has an article all about bragging that points out, “when we ourselves engage in self-promotion — either on social media or in person — we tend to overestimate people’s positive reactions, and we underestimate their negative reactions.”

So, get over yourself. Here’s how:

Address any root problems you may have. Yes, it all starts from within. How are you feeling? Too fat? Too thin? Not pretty enough? Not “slaying” enough? You might suffer from self-consciousness. If you feel all eyes are always on you (and they are not, trust me!) and the mere thought of said eyes makes you nervous beyond repair, that’s your self-consciousness kicking in. It’s time to kick it back, and to the curb.

Perhaps envy is what leads you to make everything about you. You’ve chosen to take the spotlight off what you believe is someone better, and shining it on yourself. Bad idea as this usually backfires.Envious people are hiding from their truths, with selfies, expensive cars, and behavior that could get them arrested in some cases. What’s more, most people don’t even realize what they are envious of. Oh sure, they think someone has it all together, but they don’t. So get over yourself by addressing envy head on.

Getting over yourself also requires to give up selfishness. It really is not all about you. There are people in need of food and shelter. Others just need someone to talk to. If you are so busy with your life…your money…your selfies — and your family member is about to get evicted — take a moment and practice selflessness.

Once you’ve identified how much you may need to get over yourself, you can begin to do so. We already know you’re fabulous, dear. Enough already.

Do you know someone who needs to get over themselves? Kindly call them out in the comments.

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