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Introducing Certified Life Remodel Specialist: Lydia Robinson, RN, CLRS!

Lydia Robinson, RN, CLRS™

Phone- 313-437-1514

Services I offer as a Certified Life Remodel Specialist include:
Listening, empowering, and motivating others. Helping them reach their goals in life. As a CLRS I will Consult with clients to assess their goals, develop strategies and plans. Also, keep track of client progress helping them to stay motivated and committed to their goals. As a CLRS I will meet with clients regularly to discuss progress and adjust strategies as needed. I hope that I can be of assistance to you. Take the first step in living the life that you deserve and contact me today!


Lydia Robinson, RN, CLRS

Phone- 313-437-1514

My head shot

Maria Cebreco, MBA, CLRS™

As a Certified Life Remodel Specialist™ (CLRS™), I create a safe environment where you can learn and grow. Learning and growing is good! Why be stagnant?

As your coach I focus on, Awareness – Your life today, Vision – Your future, Obstacles – perceived/real and Action – steps/game plan 

Coaching is important for your life because throughout your pursuit of any goal you will face challenges and obstacles that require action.  I will help you design your vision. Dreaming and believing involves action. I will support you in taking daily action that will lead to success, as defined by you.

I will guide you using my specialized training, life experiences, specific methods and philosophy, that will lead you to an introspective life changing experience that involves planning, action and accountability.

I specialize in the following:

8 sessions @ $55.00 each session = $440.00
8 session package @ $400.00 = $400.00

Meeting Location:
In-person (To be determined)
Phone Call
Video Chat


Arovel Fielder

Arovel Fielder-Ramsey, BA, CLRS™


Auntie Brenda

Brenda Vorus, Licensed Cosmetologist, CLRS™