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5 survival tips for introverts

February 22, 2016     / /

introvertYou are not shy!

I just thought I would put that notion to bed right away.

Please, stop allowing society (I’ve read somewhere that most of the population is extroverted. Yikes!) to suggest that you are shy, mean, anti-social or anything else that sets a negative tone to the point where you really can’t be bothered. And even if you are shy, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Imagine if “The Donald” was shy…no matter how you feel about him it’s safe to say that he would be a bit more likable if he was on the shy side.

For the purpose of this article, let’s say you’re simply an introvert. You like being social, you’d rather do it sparingly though. I get it.

After an extensive bout of self-realization, where I’ve looked back on the times where I had to survive as an introvert,I have come up with a few easy-peasy ways to make life in an extroverted world less daunting:

When you’ve got a must-go-to event on the calendar, don’t be afraid to break away from it. You can always sneak away to your car, but I wouldn’t make an escape to the ladies’ room, not for a timeout. All it takes is one Miss Extrovert to assume you’re not feeling well and all of a sudden the spotlight is on you and your fake illness.

Just say no
Whenever someone asks “Whatcha got planned tonight?” and you respond with “nothing”, does the conversation turn into five minutes of social suggestions? As if you “need” help on finding things to do? Because God forbid, you’re stuck doing nothing.
Decline extra invites if you can. Events like weddings and funerals are practically unavoidable and favors asked by mom and dad must be addressed. Everything else? Just say no. Politely…

Be a listener 
Haters gonna hate, and extroverts gonna extrovert. Let them, because you will never out talk them. Be the listening ear they clearly need. How does this help you “survive”? Have you ever wished to get a word in? You’re welcome.

Keep it small
You don’t need an entourage to have fun. Find one other person to share your day with. That is if you haven’t gotten tired of going solo — most of us love seclusion, are you kidding me?!

Arrive early, leave early
Arriving to a meeting, party or other required destination earlier than other anticipated might be a bit on the rude side (sit in your car if the venue isn’t sitting guests down just yet) but early birds get the most comfortable seats, the friendliest service, and the best drinks. Think about when you have to go to Wal-Mart, how dreadful! Getting there once they open in most cases is a far cry from showing up to a full parking lot, messy aisles and that one person you run into who wants to share their life story. So arrive early, and leave before the crowd takes over.

If there is a function you’d wish to attend (or have to attend…ugh!), become a survivor with these quick tips. And teach others how to become survivors, by sharing your introversion tips below.

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