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5 survival tips for extroverts

February 26, 2016     /

extrovertAs much confidence — swag — you possess, an extrovert, you need help, too.

Some call you the life of the party. Others complain you’re too loud. You’re an extrovert, and chances are you’re in good company since most of the world act just like you. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t struggle when it comes to dealing with others, namely the introverts. Sorry, but we just don’t want to keep talking about what we might deem as “nothing”. We don’t always have to be seen either, and it makes you mad! But, some of you have to deal with us for various reasons: employment, marriage, business dealings. So, I thought I’d devote some time to share tips for you, the extrovert.

Since I have already shown that I am an introvert, I thought it would be fair to enlist actual extroverts for this blog post. Having listened to the extroverts, here is what I walked away with:

Surround yourself around other extroverts
You already know is where your energy comes from, other people. So if you feel yourself getting bored, stuck or frustrated, recharge with other people. Don’t cancel those dinner plans. No matter how much you cannot stand the dinner date, you’ll still enjoy yourself, even if it means striking a conversation with the waitstaff or valet.

Try something new
With your energy and willingness to leave the house, there is no reason why you’re not trying something new at least once a week. Painting, skiing, cooking. Anything new is going to be a slight adventure for you as an extrovert.

Use your extroversion for good
Great orators are needed to help fight injustices. Lend a hand to feed the hungry or house the homeless. Introverts aren’t as fortunate (or willing) to stand in front of crowds and provide soundbites. Give good TV and help a cause close to your heart by simply being who you are!

Get to work!
Extroverts make the best managers and business owners. Ever thought of becoming an event planner? Do it! Most introverts aren’t people persons, so you have my permission to take our missed-out-on money-making opportunities.

Kala Hamilton Pratt, natural health and beauty business owner and blogger (, is a self-proclaimed extrovert who is happily married to an introvert. Married people know much about compromising, so I asked for her advice. “For introverts and extroverts to coexist there has to be mutual respect and understanding. If I am trying to get an important point across to my husband, and he cannot process what I’m saying because I’m using too many words, I need to respect that and try to tailor my conversation so that he can follow it. Similarly, if I’m having a chatty day and I need to blow off some steam, sometimes he needs to suck that up and nod and smile until I get all of the words out that need to be expressed.Everyone needs to be comfortable in expressing their needs.This holds true in personal relationships and professional ones.”

You’re an extrovert, already prepared to survive your environment. (Become more of a survivor with my quick tips!) If there is something you want to accomplish in this life, my God, do it! You might need to teach others how to become survivors. If so start by sharing your extroversion tips below.

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